Now here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Leader who brought this nation back from the dregs of recession and socialism during his two terms as President that was left him by the infamous Jimmy Carter.

I hope you enjoy listening as he explains what the State of our Union should really look and be like. Not only did he explain it, but he made it a reality by creating one of the most prosperous eras in America’s history.

How do we look at the state of the union from a biblical standpoint is very interesting and takes a close examination upon not necessary the welfare of the Union but of the moral viewpoints and how America has
moved towards or against the biblical perspective and mandates.

Sometimes issues regarding the moral fallout of any nation rises or falls upon what an old preacher is commonly quoted as “what thus saith the word of the Lord”.

King David make a quote in Psalm 9:17 regarding “turning back from God”, and said this. “The wicked will go down to the grave.”

This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God.
Is this a very serious consequence when we find these issues taking a Godly aim at one of the most powerful nations on the face of the earth?
So we have it from one of the greatest Kings of all Ages, father of Solomon, King David. He ruled his throne well and knew the consequences of turning his back on God Almighty.

With Americas blessings and honors placed upon us shall we turn back?

Will our soldiers be harassed by the homosexuals if Obama cancels the “Don’t ask don’t tell
law of the military?”
President Obama’s call in his State of the Union address to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy this year was met with praise from gay activists and questions by top Republicans as to why it should be changed.
The military will forever be changed by this agenda our President wants to push onto the good men
and women of this nation who serve with dignity and honor. How sad

I want you to think a moment of the state of so many in America. Millions of men and women who should be able to work, who have sworn to drain from the system monetary gains, against our very democracy and ill fated gains, those who rob the coffers of the treasury by milking the system by hiring lawyers who sue the government and taking thousands of dollars of ill-gotten gain and then sitting back in ease complaining about the woes of America all the whilst failing to lift a finger to swat a nat. God has something to say about that too. Its called Laziness.
“Lazy people irritate their employers, like vinegar to the teeth or smoke in the eyes.” Proverbs 10:26 and this other verse “The soul of the sluggard desires, and has nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.” Proverbs 13:4.

Go down any street in America and we will find those who will not work, will not look to help others when the government has paid thousands into their banking accounts and they fail to comprehend the values and the warnings from what God tells about laziness. And this we see all across America. Lawyers who do nothing but sue government entities and steal billions from the system in a system of dysfunctional lawsuits. And medicaid and medicare and worker paid compensation is stolen by those who “claim to have a medical deficiency that just won’t allow them to work”. what an ungodly shame especially for those called “Christian” who stride the doorways of their churches sunday after sunday and lift their proud faces to the crowd and profess a “godliness” all at the same time breaking the very commandment, (Which has not been done away with my friend), “Thou shalt not steal”. (Gods word).
And there’s no shame, no remorse, no regret and they even benefit from this type of thievery and yet condone others to get on the bandwagon and steal the same.
this is a rampant problems in many areas of our country and a problem that needs addressing.
Because seriously here, let me tell you this, “Those who lie, cheat and steal for all these benefits will “Stand before Almighty God” and let me tell you something else 1 Corinthians 6:10 says;

“No thief will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

People who will not work, who steal benefits that others should have, those who can build barns, roads and and special projects but will lie cheat and steal to get these government entities.

Where does this problem stem from I ask you? Go way back to the time of early America when our colleges and universities were taught by Godly men and women, but now;

I want to take you back to the earlier days of America during the time of the Separatists Movement in the early 1600s when Harvard, Princeton, Yale and our top colleges were being instituted as teaching instruments for the American Elite Speakers, Teachers and Professors Across America.
Did you know that only those who were christian during this time could hold public office, could teach in our higher schools of learning. And how far have we moved from that ideology? You decide.

We have the powerful right in this nation who have taken a stand to gain political wealth and power all in the name of moralism. God forbid that we elect officials for the sole purpose of gaining power. We are living in an age that will bring to our demise a nation that elects these kind of leaders who in their liberalism and indoctrinated ideologies press forward for selfish gains. America will eventually reap the fields of selfish, immoral fundamental failures.
We have politicians in America that cater to the ethnic groups, we have those who cater to the minority and some to the majority, some who will change their decisions on the whim of a poll and who will say aye to an ungodliness and say nay when the wind of change comes from their constituents.
The bible tells about this attitude and thinking too. Listen carefully what James 1:8 says “A person who has doubts is thinking about two different things at the same time and can’t make up his mind about anything.”

Listen to me, this kind of foolish thinking and blatant doubting only leads to confusion of nations and a nation that is on the froward path of illusion and deception from leaders who know not the truth who fills their own coffers with lies, greed and extortion and pulling every state from this great land down the gutter of shame and ultimate despair because of this foolish individualistic thinking. This is part of the problem with the State of our Union.

Another problem that has engulfed many of our nations and especially America, even though in all honesty I must say is the greatest Nation on the face of the earth who has a heart as big as the moon and reaching beyond our borders of self, who crosses the gulfs of insensitivity and self but lacking in another moral problem which is humanism. Oh what a disgraceful thing in the sight of Almighty God, what a tragedy that any nation succumbs to the ilks and dreads of this disease. Yet the bible tells about this problem, its internal and its governs one another on an individual basis in America. Listen carefully to a verse that has been asked since Genesis 4:9 was penned in the Pentateuch by one of the biblical holiness leaders of all times. “And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?”

You see in America people care for self, a Secular Humanist Theology that deals with Naturalism and ethical relativism stemming from the biology of Darwinian Evolution and is such a dangerous problem all in this “State of our Union” and so many are caught up in this humanistic thought.
We can criticize Leninism, Marxism, Stalinism, Naturalism and Relativism or even Darwinians but all in the midst of these isms I find that America has a role in Humanism and lifts up self and Self-alone and who cares about his brother or sister in this age of communicating thought across this land.

America we have much to answer for. Our Moral Values in America have given way to these many “Isms” i’ve quoted above and what a dangerous boardwalk to take, what a danger to our nation when its people turn from the living God, to a nation that continues down their own “way of living” and in disobedience to Gods laws, to Gods Commands we find ourself in a chasm that will eat and etch out of society a nation of peoples that fails to understand and fails to find the way, the true and living way.
Our economic way is now being pushed under the guise of Socialism, while many human ists believe in some type of socialist economy because its so prevalent in their belief that man is in an evolution and man can plan and have a perfect economy.
We are in absolute control of “self” and self alone, and the worlds economy must be controlled through a central planning system and the government should have complete control over each of our economic affairs. How dangerous is this thinking?
Our Nation is in turmoil, many are troubled on every side, our nation continues to slip and slide down this immoral utopia as so many believe that world government is the next logical step on this evolutionary road.

As Julian Huxley said, “To have any success in fulfilling his destiny as the controller or agent of future evolution on earth, [man] must become one single inter-thinking group with one general framework of ideas… .”

Our families use to care for one another, our families got together on a union basis but now families squabble, they fight, they gossip, they lie about one another, they pretend to live a life of Godliness, they commit their very self ideals to
tearing down one another, some to the extremism of building a hatred that is hard to erase, to a point that children’s children are becoming more and more like mommy and daddy and this disease of hate, this being a problem in a society of peoples who put self first, failing to see the real state of the Union. Many calling themselves christians and the problems this nation faces only adds insult to injury because the ultimate state of our union is this, “Its faltering and teetering on the brink of collapse” and this state worries even the noblest of thinkers in an age of humanistic ideals.
Yes our nation is in trouble, and while we vote leaders into office who have “no ideals”, no “Morals” and our fathers and mothers have none of the same, and nation rising against nation, and families against one another, what else can we expect America?
We have leaders who say, “I will not give up” I will continue down this road of forced immoral, laws, mandates whatever you want to call it, this is the state of the union America and its not the State that our forefathers envisioned. No, dear friend its not at all. Its a state that brings us lower on the ladder of degradation and ultimate despair for the State of our Union has almost come to a “Sad state of affairs” and thats my viewpoint and may God have mercy upon this great nation for his mercy we must cry.”

Well if you want an honest opinion of the State of our Union I must say its far different now than it was one year ago. Change? We’ve had considerable change since President Obama has entered office.

President Obama said tonite that he would get with Congress and agressively pursue those who commit hate crimes. Well guess what American Churches, get ready for persecution from our government. If we preach against homosexuality will that be a hate crime? What about profiling certain terrorists? What will constitute a hate crime?
In Obamas own home church Trinity has a history. Its affiliation with the United Church of Christ makes it part of a liberal, mostly white denomination that was the first in America to ordain gays, women and blacks as ministers.
While one groups ordains and pushes for gays and lesbians in their pulpits will other pulpits be condemned for preaching against the biblical teaching of homosexuality? Well I guess we’ll see won’t we.

Trinity goes further, embracing black liberation theology and its emphasis on empowering oppressed groups against establishment forces.

He wants to cancel the Bush act concerning Gays in the Military.
Obama won’t quit. He wants to destroy the very fabric this nation was founded on.
God help us.

On Wednesday, January 27, President Obama will address the American people in the annual State of the Union Address. Just last week the voters of all political persuasions banded together to voice their concerns with the direction of our country through the election of Scott Brown (R-MA)
Have the Democrats not considered the Profound effect this has on peoples intentions in the upcoming election? I think not. Not yet at least. It will take a very positive final down blow to the democratic party before they seem to get it. And in fact, I don’t think Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid understands what they have done and will do to their own party. It is coming “change” for sure don’t you think?
Is it change America wanted, is it the way American far left-ideologues considered it would be?
Well I think for many in America President Obama has done a great job.
But in reality he has done great moral damage and will do so if he continues his course.
But lets consider some of the changes and implementations Mr Obama and His Cabinet is instituting.

He wants to close Gitmo and in fact was supposed to close it one year ago yesterday.
His campaign promises are far different in reality than what he has spoken.
Yes I know not much can be done in a few months but the change people believe in is far different than
you will ever imagine. I think as time goes along America will become very confused, Americas State of
the Union will begin to see the futile reality of the devastation of things the President wants to do.
The only problem is the Congress has not seen the great shove (And they should have) Obama and his
Czars want implemented upon the American public.
The Democrats have spent billions and billions of dollars for unworthy tasks, just senseless projects.
Hidden in these projects are hundreds of ill spent proposals by the democrats.
They say, if this don’t work, we’ll try something else. Without expertise, without planning, they spend trillions and we must foot it all while Pelosi, Reid and Republicans alike are living lavish lifestyles at our expense
regardless of what their constituents continue to tell them. (Shout-out meetings from selected states)
And tonite you will see a homosexual businessmen sitting with Mrs Obama, giving praise and adoration to the homosexual communities nationwide and to show his approval of his affiliation with these groups.
And Obama will tell how the Homosexual movement needs to move to the forefront of Americas thinking
giving credence and approval upon this moral lifestyle.
God truly loves All homosexuals but God has very clearly set out the standards of living and what He approves of. Just read the “Book” and you will see.
We could go on and on about the State of the Union, but its not pretty.
States are losing billions, California along with other states are flat broke and wanting bail-outs and Nancy Pelosi (D) California is all for this bailout for her state. Along with Boxer and other Democrats in California.

Don’t expect any great applauds from the GOP tonite as Obama speaks tirelessly from his teleprompters.
We’re gonna hear broken promises, the same Rheortic, the Same Arrogrance from this fund organizer from Chicago, and America is in for a shock as they continue to push this health-care bill down our throats.
Are you choking yet? ** You will be America. ** Its just a matter of time as the President and George Soros, and his communications Advisor Anita Dunn who reverend Mao Tse Sung who murdered (cold-blooded hunger) 80 million of his own people.
Interestingly, Dunn delivered a commencement address in June in which she named Mao Tse Sung, the genocidal founder of Communist China, as one of her “two favorite philosophers,” with the other, she chirpily noted, being Mother Teresa.
And George Soros, who some say is the most dangerous man in America and I think people will see and hear more about this man.
And then giving trials to Terrorist Suspects and giving them all these rights, for instance the one called the “diaper bomber” has been given rights of Americans and guess what?
He’s been given the 5th Amendment to Remain Silent along with the two who secretely came into the White House (Which I think Obamas knew all along they were coming) crashing this slumber of a party.
They took the 5th and so will these terrorists.
Something is very wrong here.
And then cancelling prayer day at the White House. Never been done before, that’s a CHANGE…
Mao Tse Sung painted ornaments on the Whitehouse Christmas Tree.
CHANGE OF THE UNION is what I am seeing.
And it doesn’t look pretty for America. BUT DON’T WORRY… It is Bush’s fault. He caused all these Gitmo and other problems America faces and the changes we’ve had in the past 9 months.
And if that don’t help, I know and hate to say this but probably the Christian people in America will eventually be blamed.
Well we shall see as his speech is shown worldwide tonite.
President Obama in all His Glory and Accolades and Tenure and Promised Change.

Over the past few months I’ve watch the decisions of our Major decision makers in Washington, our Current Presidential Administration and our Supreme Court. In the midst of all these decisions I’m amazed at Mrs Pelosi’s proletariat dictatorship and her
rebuke at those who would rather stream along with the flow all the whilst Pelosi and President Obama steaming hot angry that their big American People takeover Stalinism, Mao style bill stopped dead in its tracks.
Even when Pope Benedict strongly rebuked Pelosi over her stand on Abortion and her posing so smiley at World Cameras with the religious leader of the Catholicism Ideals and Leadership.
I am so surprised that more American Major Church leaders have not spoken against her stand but realize that Fox News is in the majority of Catholic Led Beliefs and Ideologies thereby giving extreme coverage of what happens in the world and giving credence to their supportive head.
Next comes the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the appeal of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA), the feds prohibiting corporations and unions from using their general treasury funds to make independent expenditures for speech, and to make it simple as this, that; corporations and businesses may not use their organisational funds to support any person running for any offices but they may use their funds to support ‘agencies’ that aren’t directly connected with those politicians but can use their funds to support those agencies as they support the causes of electoral candidates.
The President is going to congress to try and mandate laws to “overrule” our supreme court decision. This I believe but doesn’t surprise me that again this President uses any political avenue to gain his control over the masses through legislation he disagrees with and even Charles Schumer of New York wants to IMMEDIATELY make some law to annul the decision also.Schumer if you remember was one of ten Democratic Senators to reach what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called a broad agreement on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Folks in the midst of all these decisions, I find the President making a very controlled Upstream Fight against Capitalism, Against Large Corporations desiring to make the “American Way”, The President wanting to close Gitmo, the President working behind closed doors to give rights to certain Terrorists who was associated with very serious crimes against America. He is giving our government authorization to give terrorists certain rights as Americans during “wartime” when we have been attacked from within.
does this make sense to you? Do you understand the implications of our standing in the world, how terrorist nations are watching our nations leaders and these decisions?
“Obama Read Rights to Terrorists

“A senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee is accusing the Obama administration of quietly ordering the FBI to start reading Miranda rights to suspected terrorists at U.S. military detention facilities in Afghanistan.” Am I believing what i’m reading and seeing in this Administration?

Where do we stand as a nation on political affairs you may ask. Where do we go from here?
Pelosi, Reid and Obama have not got it since Massachusetts loudly said NO to their ideas and rush to push this healthcare upon America.
We must awaken to the reality of what could happen in this great nation. We must realise that each of these decisions that Obama is making only opens America to threats not just from without but from within.
The CZARS he has placed around him, and these people who have such radical ties and people who love Mao Te Sung, OH What an evil man.. The Truth About Mao Mass Murderer, womanizer, Liar, Drug Baron,Can this be, still? Mao Tseng, who was responsible for the peacetime deaths of perhaps 70 million of his fellow Chinese?
And President Obama’s own elected people follow after this kind of murderer.
Obama’s Christmas tree was graced by Chairman Mao, transvestite, dressed along with Presidents on Mount Rushmore. Hmmm.
The President for the first time in History declared “NO PRAYER DAY” for the White house.
Well I don’t have an answer for all this CHANGE the President is wanting but I see a very dangerous way for America if we continue this pathway. These politicians have taken control of the sternwheeler for America and the storm is raging ahead of the ship my friends, and many have hid their heads under the deck of the ship, many have given into this ideology, many young people because they can’t see the consequences of believing the way Mao Te Sung believed or Marxism and Stalin and Hitler and Castro and Chavez believed, but I see much in their liking in the Captains deck and this ship if not turned about by men and women who are willing to stand brave, speak loudly and Americans who will make a solemn determination to vote these people out, out I said, if its not too late, but God help us if we continue this court of Socialism, this CHANGE and this ship that’s about to collide with all human dignity, human honor and freedom gone, sinking with the great ship.
I have news though, we do have hope, we have a Great God of Creation that will pardon, cleanse and set this nation on course if we will only repent and return to Him.
The famous quote in II Chronicles says this and I must end this sermon for today.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14.